Feel Purity™ Water Purifier & Filter
Feel Purity™ Water Purifier & Filter
Feel Purity™ Water Purifier & Filter
Feel Purity™ Water Purifier & Filter
Feel Purity™ Water Purifier & Filter
Feel Purity™ Water Purifier & Filter
Feel Purity™ Water Purifier & Filter
Feel Purity™ Water Purifier & Filter

Feel Purity™ Water Purifier & Filter

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  • Made of high quality plastic material,not easy aging and very durable.
  • High quality filter,removes rusts,sediments,worms,colloids,sediment and most bacteria.
  • High speed water flow,2L/min hight speed flow rate gives you plenty of clean water instantly.
  • Switchable water flow type,two water flow types:unfiltered spray or filtered spray.
  • Quickfit tap adapter,easy installation on almost any type of tap with screw thread.
  • Quickfit catridge,quick,easy and secure filter cartridge replacement.
  • Patented KD cartridge holder,Patented knock-down cartridge holder ensures easy replacement or cleaning for ceramic cartridge.


ConvenientUnlike other water filters that might be big and bulky, the faucet water filters are small and easy to install. You don’t need to constantly wait for a water tank to fill, and you don’t have to fill any pitchers. The water is filtered as soon as you turn on the tap.

Removes A Lot Of ContaminantsA faucet water filter might not be as effective as a water purifier, but it will remove a lot of different contaminants from the water. Effective filters can remove up to 70 different contaminants from your drinking water. These contaminants include but are not limited to lead, mercury, chlorine, and others.

Removes Bad Tastes And SmellsOne of the major advantages of using a faucet water filter is that it will remove any weird tastes and smells your water might have. This will make the water taste better, and it also makes it healthier.

Easy To InstallUnlike other water filtration solutions, faucet water filters are very easy to install, so you should be able to install them on your own in minutes. This is a major advantage, as it will lower the overall cost of the filtration system.

CheapFaucet water filters are some of the cheapest water filtration solutions. They don’t cost too much, they can be installed without professional help, and their filter cartridges can be changed easily and they are cheap as well.

Low MaintenanceUnlike other water filtering systems, faucet water filters have low maintenance. You only have to change the filter cartridges when they reach their maximum filtering capacity, and that’s pretty much it.

Environmentally FriendlyUsing a faucet water filter is more environmentally friendly than buying bottled water. It’s estimated that a single filter can replace the amount of water you can buy in up to 750 bottles of water, and it does it without throwing anything away. Faucet water filters are also considered environmentally friendly because they don’t waste water. Most purification systems waste a small or large amount of water when they filter it. This type of system filters the water without wasting it.

Can Use Both Filtered And Unfiltered WaterUnlike other water filtration systems, faucet water filters allow you to change between using filtered and unfiltered water. And the best thing is, you don’t even have to struggle to do so. You just have to turn a knob and the water source is switched.


  • Material: plastic
  • Size: 15 x 11 x 5.5cm
  • Color: White